Like any other, tangiers casino brass poker chip – spinettis gaming supplies boasts a pretty well organized loyalty program. We start our casino adventure as a blue status player, and we have five more to win. Every dollar you spend at the casino turns into loyalty points, which can be redeemed for bonuses. However, you need to win back at least 10 euros (about $40) to get one point. Remember, however, that the bonuses for which you redeem points vary in quality. For example, a player with silver status can expect 10% more points than a player with a lower status, which in practice means you’ll get the bonus much faster.tangiers casino brass poker chip - spinettis gaming supplies

Mobile Casino

Comparing Tangiers Casino in the desktop version to the website on mobile devices, the mobile version is definitely superior. It looks fresh, has a new design and a great layout, and is easy and fun to navigate. If you have the choice of playing on your smartphone or desktop, we recommend the mobile version of the casino. This does not mean that the desktop version is unusable. Its mobile counterpart is much better. So if you spend a lot of time traveling and have nothing to do with your time, playing at STangiers Casino can be an enjoyable pastime.

Tangiers Casino – Customer Service and Evaluation

Tangiers Casino’s customer service is available 24/7. Fortunately, there is another solution for that. The casino uses an app that allows you to translate in real time. You can write to the advisors in English and they will also answer you in our language. Of course, it will never replace a person speaking English, but it’s a way out. We have had the opportunity to chat with subscribers in this way, and we confirm that it works quite well. We hope this is a temporary solution and the casino will consider using an Australian chat partner.

In conclusion, Tangiers Casino is a reliable casino and a well-known brand with years of experience. Of course, another advantage of this site is the launch of a new product such as cyber sports and sports betting. Thanks to this, no matter which bets you like best, you’ll find them all in one place. In addition, the new design has given the casino a new and fresh look.

The advantages of this casino are undoubtedly the high welcome bonus, the wide selection of games and the form of promotion – the bonus wheel. In addition, for many players, the advantage of Tangiers Casino will be the payment methods by which they can make a deposit, and the account in Australian dollars.

As for the disadvantages of this casino, we don’t see them. The biggest problem is probably the slightly complicated site navigation in the desktop version, which cannot be said about the mobile version. For this reason, we highly recommend that you play this casino on your mobile device.

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