Test drive from Daviditch. Overview of the auto wagon.

Just take a look at the online mode: Test drive from Davidich. Overview of the auto wagon.

A detailed description of the video: What will happen if you replace Rolls Royce with a paddy wagon in David’s review. Vote in the comments

Number of views per year: 564737.

Date of publication: 2016-03-07 12:39:17.

The triviality of the video clip: 8:53.

Number of likes: 20098.

Number of dislikes: 11051.


Danil Arisov 20.08.2017.

Andrew Ram 08/20/2017.

FREEDOM DAVIDYCH. and since they don’t release it, it means we need to release the next episode about fagot’s garbage ..

Bublik 08/20/2017.

Grizli454 08/20/2017.

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